Pastor and Founder of VHM in 1 March 2012. An inter-denominational ministry focused on teaching.

Before her birth on 28 February, the Lord showed her mother in a dream that He will give her a baby, but He laid His hand on this child. Venessa was saved at the age of 5 years one evening while kneeling down before the Lord and then saw His hand like a light but with substance coming down and resting on her head. 

Since that time she had an deep relationship with the LORD and studies the Word and made prayer her necessity. 
She studies the scriptures and received many certificates and her life showed her love for teaching the scriptures and to see others grow spiritually. She also did prison ministry and held women's conferences and preached at other denominations.

She pastored a church and she and her husband build the church and started a soup kitchen, but left it January 2012.
She started after much prayer and finally a Word from the LORD, VHM. The ministry reach people from all races and denominations.

Venessa Holtzhausen completed Biblical Hebrew Studies through eTeacher, Jerusalem. She is also a proud affiliates member and volunteer of eTeacher

She loves Biblical Hebrew and know that if you take the text out of context, you are left with the 'con'. Her hearts desire is to see the people of God to come to maturity and deeper insight into the scriptures.

In 2014 she started with Genesis studies. She was on the Afrikaans TV platform, Kruiskyk TV, broadcasting every Friday at 18h00 and Thursdays at 13h00 until October 2017.  She is also a worshiper, believe in the power of the Holy Spirit and operating gifts. 

Why do you think it is important for Christians to study Ancient Hebrew?

"There are just too many interpretations of the original Word.  Just go to the bookshelves and you will find bibles and more bibles.  Do you want to know the truth; start with the original text.  It is time to leave doctrine and confusion behind and embrace the original text and correct translation."


What is my experience of learning Biblical Hebrew with eTeacher?

"First of all, it depends on yourself whether you will really learn something or not. Hebrew is not the easiest language on planet earth. You have to put in time of study and be committed and keep to your goals. I had an excellent teacher for 2012 and can only say that the quality of material and the presentation itself was outstanding good. The class itself is very relaxed atmosphere and time for asking questions were given. Should anyone struggle with words or whatever the case might be, it was explained until it was fully understood. I am amazed at how much I’ve learned in the first year."

Her prayers since she started ministry:
"Lord grant me Your Wisdom and to be full of the Holy Spirit"

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