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created by Melissa Holtzhausen


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We would like to thank every person who has partnered with us and helps Venessa Holtzhausen Ministry to stay active and online. Thank you to those too who have put their hard work into the ministry as well.


We would like to offer our services and products free of charge as far as we possibly can and we are dependent on donations to do so. We would appreciate any donation regardless of the amount. Help us to do good and we hope that Venessa Holtzhausen Ministry has blessed you spiritually.


Please pay your tithe to your local church where you worship regularly.

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Kruis Opleiding Evangelisasie Projek

VHM's evangelic side has taken it upon itself to restore this dilapidated house to its former glory. Our aim is to restore this dwelling into a fully functional evangelistic school, namely K.O.E.P.


The property has already generously been donated to the work of God, for this we praise God. Thus, the work has started to restore the house into a hostel with classrooms for students.


Once restored our dream is to house students from different backgrounds and train them to be fully equipped in taking the Word of God out to the nations. The facility will also teach them to be self-sufficient and equipped to work with their hands.


  • Restoration of the facility

  • Solar system

  • Solar pumps

  • Jojo tanks

  • Furniture and equipment

  • Greenhouses

  • Vegetable and fruit seeds

  • Gardening supplies

  • Curriculum


Venessa Holtzhausen Ministry

Reference: KOEP

Branch Code: 14090200
Account Nr:  10202 55560

Amount needed

R 1995000

Donations received

R 135

Amount Outstanding

R 1994951

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