Who do you praise?

Author: Venessa Holtzhausen

Through the years of listening to people talk I am always surprised how many Christians will go on and on in great detail about how Satan or demons are destroying them but so very few people ever stop and just give God glory or even go in to detail about how God blessed them but they have no problem telling every one what the devil is doing as if their just glorifying what the devil has done but have no idea that Gods power is so much greater. But why then are so many Christians living in defeat you ask?

See here's the issue, it is a proven fact the more you talk about something the more your mind makes it bigger and bigger. So many Christians will freak out or stress out over a bill before Going to their father and asking for help and so many Christians will hit the panic button before going to the father asking him for help. See the bible clearly states out of the ABUNDANCE OF THE HEART THE MOUTH SPEAKS.

So when ever I get around people or I read some people's post on the internet I have to ask most of the time what god do the really serve because see my God is who I give glory to, but to many Christians want the whole world to know how miserable, depressed, how fearful, how angry they are, how bothered they are, how defeated they are or how poor they are. This doesn't sound like their serving the right God at all.

It is good to share prayer request but if a person wants to go in to great detail how the devil did this or that, what they don't realize is devils know how to read so they are laughing and getting all excited because another christian isn't talking about how great their God is no another christian is talking about just how awesome Satan is at destroying another life. This is why I really wonder at times does any one really understand what god their praising when they speak?

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