What is commitment?

Author: Nelmari Oosthuizen

Cambridge Dictionary: Definition of commitment: "a willingness to give your time and energy to something that you believe in, or a promise or firm decision to do something."

A word you hear on a daily basis. Committed to your husband/wife, your children, your job, your studies, your diet, your gym program. Its hard work to stay committed sometimes. But, did you notice that there more you do it, the more it becomes part of your life, your schedule, your thoughts.

Then why cant we show  the same commitment towards God? Why is it so difficult to dedicate time and love to Him? I sometimes think that we are so lukewarm, because God did not put a deadline on our relationship with Him. Imagine God saying: spend time with me today, or else, stop sinning, or else.... But, we serve a Gracious God, who experienced the same sin, same rejection, dejection, temptation, suffering than us today and He understands and He is patient, gracious and filled with mercy - waiting on us to come to Him.

I want to encourage you to continue in your dedication of time and love to God. Trust me, i know its not easy, but it becomes so part of your life, that you cant wait to go into your prayer room and be alone with Him to praise and worship Him, to just talk to Him and then just to listen to Him. He has so much to tell you, teach you and to over and over remind you of how much He loves you.

  • Commit your mind to Him - stop those negative  thoughts. Romans 12:2.

  • Commit your mouth to Him - speak positive over yourself, your situation And other people. Psalms 39:1.

  • Commit your body to Him - be holy and respect your body. Ecclesiastes 11:10.

  • Commit your deeds to Him - everything you do must glorify Him alone. Isaiah 1:16.

  • Commit your heart to Him, let He wash it clean from sin and make it His dwelling place. Colossians 3:1.

  • Commit your time to Him - spending time with God is not that 20 minutes in the shower, or driving to work. Jeremiah 29:13.


It is quality time, giving your full attention to the guidance of the Holy Spirit.

And before you realize it, the wonders and miracles of God Almighty, Abba Father, Yahweh will start to manifest in your life. Try it, it works!!

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