Author: Venessa Holtzhausen

In Genesis 39-42 we read about Joseph, who is also a type of Christ the Messiah to us. Most of us, if not all, come through difficulties and situations like Joseph but in different forms. Joseph, a Hebrew boy, sold as a slave to the house of an Egyption.

His master noted that there is something special about this boy and he made him supervisor over his house and he put all that he had in his charge.

Falsely accused, he landed up in jail, but his warden saw that there was something special about this boy and committed to Joseph's care all the prisoners who were in the prison and whatsover was done there, he was in charge of it.

Pharaoh panic after having two dreams, Joseph was taken out of jail, brought before Pharaoh and he set him over all the land of Egypt.

Joseph's story was kind of like this:

Favoured Hebrew boy - sold as slave - supervisor - jailed - over prisoners - over Egypt* In a lifespan of 13 years (Genesis 41:46), he went through all this drama and came out victorious. He was 30 years old, but knew what it was to be blessed, falsely accused and sentenced and to prosper over all bad things.

You see, it is not WHO YOU ARE, but it is WHO IS YOUR GOD. If God is for you, who can be against you.

  • They will bring you down, but boy, you will come out higher and stronger than ever.

  • They will falsely accuse you, but Egypt will eventually bow the knee to you.

  • They will try to stop you, but God will elevate you.

  • They will try to make you NOTHING, but God will make you SOMETHING.

You are the head and not the tail.

If God is for you, then who can be against you. When the wind comes against you, you will use it to rise above circumstances. Yes, no circumstance can keep you down. You are made to soar like an eagle. Even in the dark places, your feet will not slip, because YHWH is at your right hand, therefore you will not fail. When they make you low, you will say, THERE IS A LIFTING UP.

He will even deliver the one for whom you intercede who is not innocent, yes, he will be delivered through the cleanness of your hands. Job 22:30

Don't be bowed down, for He is the lifter of your head, He overshadow you with His goodness. He adorn you with salvation. He lift you up to sit with kings and nobles. He put a song in your mouth. He is YOUR SALVATION!!!


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