God Has A Plan

Too many times have I heard people asking “Why? Why am I praying so hard but God is silent?” We often find ourselves standing in front of an army filled with failure, disappointment and heartache. Have you ever felt like you just keep praying but your only answer is silence.

Right now you might be sitting with problems beyond your control. Problems that cause such brokenness. Problems that cause you to just give up. “Just walk away, you’ll never get out of this, nothing helps,” is what the enemy whispers in our ears.

Luke 11:9 tells us: "Ask & it shall be given to you. Seek & you shall find. Knock & the door will be opened."

Feeling tired of praying? Have you forgotten that you serve an Almighty God. Have you forgotten that Acts 13:16 tells us to listen. Yes, the enemy’s army is large, but God is larger. Stronger. Don’t try to fight this army. Don’t try to solve the problems on your own, because that is, in fact, impossible.

What does Luke 1:37 tell us? "For with God nothing shall be impossible." Remember that, but also remember to listen. What you want and hope for is nothing compared to the amazing plan God has for you.

Be still, and wait. God’s timing isn’t ours. His timing is perfect.

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