Exodus 3

God called Moses out of the 'midbar' to go and bring out His people. The word midbar is the Hebrew for wilderness or desert. Definitely not a place we want to be, but it is actually the place where you can hear and obey.

The word midbar comes from the root word davar (dalet 'd', beit 'b' and resh 'r') which means 'word, matter or thing'.

It is in the desert, where you can hear and listen, for there God will have your attention.

All great leaders are called from a 'desert place'.

Before Christ's ministry started, He was in the desert.

John was in the desert.

Prophets were in the desert-deserted places, like Eliyah.

Your worst time might be God's best time to call and appoint you.

Your worst time, might be God's time to speak to you.

Don't despise your desert, but look for the burning bush. God is about to reveal Himself to you!


Pastor Venessa

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