Exodus 2

In this chapter we read about Moses being hidden for 3 months. Born from a father and mother from the tribe of Levi, makes him a Levite. His mother saw that he was 'tov', the Hebrew word for good, welfare, benefit, good things, happiness, prosperity and so on. Then laid in a basket (tevah in Hebrew) in the river.

He, this Moses was to become a Godly leader, to the welfare of God's people.

God, Elohim used the word 'tov' on the 6th day of creation, but He did not only said it was good like all the other days, but it was very good when He looked at the whole picture.... It was VERY GOOD.

We are part of God's creation and He is not against His creation, He is against all wickedness yes, but not against His creation. He said it was very good. That includes me and you. No matter what you think of yourself, God has an idea about you and He loves you, cares for you, He is for you!!!!!

BUT like Moses who was also seen as tov, was safe in a tevah, which is used only twice, in the case of Noah (the ark) and here.

Good is only VERY GOOD, once it can be hidden in the 'TEVAH', which means something steered without oars, that is steered by a Higher Force, which is God YHWH.

So, put away from you all wickedness or/and all negative thoughts about yourself, self-hate, self-criticism, not good enough, and lay in the tevah (Jesus Christ) and the good will become VERY GOOD, once steered by God.


Pastor Venessa

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