Exodus 1

There are 4 facts about Israel:

1. They were fruitful

2. Increased abundantly

3. Multiplied waxed exceeding mighty

4. And the land was filled with them. So much so, that they were feared by the Egyptians.

Since we are grafted in, there is something to note here:

1. We are called to bear fruit. Spiritual fruit and make disciples

2. The Israelites were under persecution, but they still survived and increased.

3. It is a proven fact that persecution strengthened the Church, not destroyed it

4. Light will never be overcome by darkness. We are the Light of the World.

5. The devil fears a praying, active and God fearing Church.

Just as Exodus is a story of victory for God's People and destruction for Egypt, so once again history will repeat itself on the final day when God will go into battle against satan to destroy him and his cohorts forever.

Rejoice, for victory belongs to the Body of Christ.

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