Today we start on our journey through Exodus and as usual, we first have an introduction.

The original name for this book is שְׁמוֹת֙ Shemot, meaning names. This is the second word in the first verse.

When we look at Genesis we read about the Fathers.

When we look at Exodus, we read about the actions of the Sons.

When we read the first 4 gospels of the New Testament, it is about a Father sending His Son.

When we read the next book, Acts, it is about the actions of the Sons.

Exodus is about miracles, redemption, and God showing Himself strong on behalf of His people.

In Acts it is about miracles, the preaching of salvation and God working with the sons/daughters confirming His Word through miracles.

So too are you God's Son/Daughter. Redemption, Salvation and Miracles are part of your life.

As the world goes deeper and deeper into chaos, just like Egypt,

So will the Sons and Daughters go deeper into the order, Light and protection of God YHWH, just like the Hebrew people in Exodus.

God knows how to take care of you.


Pastor & Teacher

Venessa Holtzhausen

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