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Registrations for 2022 are now open. Classes are free. VHM asks for a nominal fee of R300 for each student for registration. Registration fees are only payable in March 2022. Classes start in February 2022. Enjoy February on us. This fee is to cover our expenses for the online platforms. This ministry is dependent on donations. Your donation can greatly help us stay online.

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We welcome you to the wonderful and exciting world of studying to enrich your life as well as the lives around you. We can only give out, what we already have. We truly believe that you will find the subject that is both suitable to your needs as well as your heart’s desire to study. It is our pleasure to present this outlay of courses that you can follow. We strife to be there to your advantage. The courses are carefully selected to cover a huge range of different studies in different fields of expertise.


Contact information will be at the back of this information guide, should you require any further assistance. It is our Vision, to teach with excellence, integrity and to the upliftment of all people. An educated person is an advancement to both society and the workplace. You are an influence on the lives of those around you.


Thus, our vision is

➢ Training by using good quality study material

➢ Rehabilitation through mentoring

➢ Education through practicing high standards and mentoring

➢ Eco through the establishment of eco villages, renewable energy, and organic living

➢ (The Name of our trust: TREE)


Our Mission is to establish an educated, transformed people, ready for todays demands and challenges. A people ready to adapt to the ever-changing world and ready to put their knowledge and skills into practice. We will accomplish this through thorough education, training, and teamwork, using all our expertise and tools. Most classes are virtual classrooms, making it accessible for all. Other material is for self-studying. Some classes will be practical training. We will use all of our means possible to make it affordable and easy for every student. Go through this information guide very carefully and consider every opportunity before you decide.


All the best for your future endeavors!

The Tree Trust Team

Old Hebrew Prayer Book

Biblical Hebrew

Study the Bible in It's original text. This course is meant for individuals that would like to study the Bible in-depth.


Biblical Studies

Study each book of the Bible in-depth with advance study material.

LANGUAGE: Biblical Hebrew Course (BC 2)

Course Overview


Reading the Bible through translation is like kissing your bride through a veil. Translators did a good job, but still a lot of translation and meanings go missing in translating the Bible. This course is intended for students who would like to do word studies in the original language of the Bible.


Course Rationale

➢ Students will be able to read, translate and write Biblical Hebrew within the first year of studying

➢ Students will participate in a virtual classroom

➢ Students will have to actively participate in the classroom

➢ The course will cover the basic foundations of Biblical Hebrew

➢ At the end of this course the student will be able to use Hebrew Lexicons

➢ Students will also know extensive amount of vocabulary


This course is not intended to teach the student a religion, but solely a language!

Biblical Courses: Pentateuch (BC 1)

Course Overview


Without a thorough knowledge of the Old, we cannot understand the New. The New Testament was built upon the Old Testament. We can look at it as a prophetic reference regarding the New Testament and Messiah. In this course we bring the Old and New together as it is supposed to be, for a better understanding of phrases, end times, prophetic utterances, idioms and much more used in the New Testament. We will see how Jesus Christ is the Word from the beginning. The pages of the Old Testament is full of the Messiah and our relationship with our Maker. This course is online, and students will be able to download the recordings afterwards.


Course Rationale

➢ Students will be able to understand customs, idioms, Hebrew phrases/words used in the Bible

➢ They will study parallels in the Bible as well as chiasms

➢ The Prophetic Voice

➢ Chapter by chapter studying

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Course Selected - Genesis to Numbers follow one after the other. Please complete the first before proceeding to the next book.

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